Barre Workouts: What are the similarities and differences?

by Donica Cook

Ladies, meet Lotte Berk…..(I know, sexy lady, huh?) founder of the official Lotte Berk Method and Queen Bee of all the barre exercise regimes. Lotte was a German dancer who fled the Nazi’s in the 1930’s and moved to London. After a severe back injury left her unable to dance, she came up with the idea of combining her ballet bar routines with her rehabilitative therapy to form a total body exercise system. This system is the foundation of ALL of the popular, franchised barre workouts that exist in modern culture.

Did you say Project Connect?

OOPS we did it again……….. Meet Project Connect, Project Physique’s latest hybrid class.

The wheels never stop turning in my fitness brain. So when I started down the pilates certification path I was immediately thinking of a way to blend everything I love about pilates with everything I love about ballet and barre.

Beet WHAT???

In addition to my fitness sweatband, I also wear a chef’s Toque most of the week. That’s another blog altogether though. For the last 9 months or so I have been experimenting with fermenting different vegetables. One of them being beets. I know beets are a tricky vegetable. I feel like you either love them or hate them. I’m on the “love” side of this. I am not a fruit person. I always prefer vegetables to fruit. The same is true for juice. When my mom suggested I start making Beet Kvass I was intrigued. When I read up on it I was CONVINCED! The method is quite simple, but we’ll get to that after I tell you all the benefits of Beet Kvass.


The Devil in your Kenmore

It’s no shocker that as a society we are all about instant gratification. Sadly, health and wellness cannot be won that way (oh but wouldn’t it be fun if it were…!?) However, there are a few simple ways to make immensely positive changes to one’s health. Notice I said simple, not easy. For example, sleep a little more, stress a little less. So yeah, not that easy. But here’s the whopper. If I had a gun to my head and had to pick JUST ONE thing a client could do to vastly improve their health on all levels it would be: eliminate sugar. Dum, dum, dum, dummmm… I know, I know—now I’m the devil. But before you click off this insane post, hear me out.

In the beginning: Excerpts from my yoga teacher training journal.

January 2011
Today was a very empowering day for me. I felt good and comfortable in not only my practice, but in my surroundings as well. I was happy to get “on my mat”.

I feel like I am giving off an incredible vibe right now that is drawing my family into my joy. I want to hold on to that. This is what yoga gives me and has always given me even though sometimes I may lose my way.

Just say “NO.”

I’m actually not referring to drugs, although probably best to stay away from those as well. I’m actually referring to the infamous and potentially dangerous JUICE CLEANSE. Can you tell I’m not a fan??! The thing is, I prefer to chew. And actually, I prefer to not be a total grump-ola all day, because when I don’t eat, that HANGRY thing gets REAL real. But beyond these small concerns, there are bunch of other reasons I believe that just cleaning up your diet can be way more beneficial than a liquid cleanse.


Deconstructing a Playlist

So many aspects go in to creating a fitness class. Music is an extremely important component to my classes. Don’t worry the fitness content of the actual class is number one.

I have taken and continue to take all different kinds of classes. From gyms to boutique studios I do them all. what I can’t stand is when the play list is “background music”. When a teacher presses “play” and allows the music to enter the room without purpose I (internally) cringe.

Music is the backbone of my class. It may be because for so many years I choreographed jazz, hip hop and modern performances . Music tells the story. It fuels our fire and touches our emotions. It is, literally, the difference between giving it ALL and coasting by.

In each of my classes I create a playlist that is like entering a new day.

What is a Quick Fit Blast (QFB)?

I wanted a way to bring Project Physique snippets to my students in the privacy of their own home or really anywhere for that matter. Enter the internet and Project Physique’s “Quick Fit Blast” (QFB).

A QFB is a 3-5 minute fitness segment that targets 1-2 areas of the body. It is specifically designed to get down & dirty quick. It is also designed to be done anywhere (think kitchen island) and with minimal to no props. In these QFB segments I will get you set up fast and give you alignment guidelines to help you steer clear of injury. Now you’re ready to MOVE!

Why Men Should take a Project Physique Class

Here’s the thing…I realize anything that has the word yoga in it may make some men fee uneasy. Even in this day and age where yoga has crossed tremendous line in the world and fitness world. Then throw the word (ba)LLET in to it and you’ve pretty much lost them.

Hang on! Give me a minute to pique your interest.