Deconstructing a Playlist

So many aspects go in to creating a fitness class. Music is an extremely important component to my classes. Don’t worry the fitness content of the actual class is number one.

I have taken and continue to take all different kinds of classes. From gyms to boutique studios I do them all. what I can’t stand is when the play list is “background music”. When a teacher presses “play” and allows the music to enter the room without purpose I (internally) cringe.

Music is the backbone of my class. It may be because for so many years I choreographed jazz, hip hop and modern performances . Music tells the story. It fuels our fire and touches our emotions. It is, literally, the difference between giving it ALL and coasting by.

In each of my classes I create a playlist that is like entering a new day.

It starts with the breath. Inhaling into the deepest part of our belly to send oxygen to the blood stream and create energy. We gently warm the body and begin to move. The music reflects this. It has mid- fast pace beat with light and fun lyrics. Like waking up. You are a bit groggy, but as you begin to move through the day you find the muscles warm and you are eager to see what the next moment will bring.

The next moment often brings quiet strength fueled with upbeat and catchy tunes. I like to rival the quiet strength in a pose such a plank ( with many options) with a song that pushes you to hold on and dive deeper.

Then we find our “flow”. Our bodies are warm and ready to link movement and breath. We are at a point where we want to dance and let go and we do that through a series of Sun Salutes and Vinyasa’s.The music usually is yoga rap music. A magical combination of wisdom and funk.

Now we have arrived at the heart of the class. Like the part of each day that you are on fire. You are in the thick of IT whatever that may be. The music here is loud, sassy and motivational. It makes you want to do better, go harder and last longer. As a result of that music guess what? YOU DO BETTER, GO HARDER and LAST LONGER 🙂

Then you are dropped right into a sweet and sweaty yoga flow with music that soothes the body and brings you back to your breath.

Enter the song that takes you back. I always include a throw back song in my play list. It is the song you forgot you loved so much way back when. It is meant to be fun and to urge you not to take life/fitness so seriously. We are alway WAY to her on ourselves.


Gently you find yourself in a series of core exercises with music that keeps you working deep, but somehow possibly singing along. The songs are there to distract you from the thought that always enters your mind “I don’t think I can do any more” Ha! Yes you can and you just did.

And finally, you have made it to your stretch. This bit of music celebrates YOU. It is a thank you note from me to you. From your body to you.