Did you say Project Connect?

OOPS we did it again……….. Meet Project Connect, Project Physique’s latest hybrid class.

The wheels never stop turning in my fitness brain. So when I started down the pilates certification path I was immediately thinking of a way to blend everything I love about pilates with everything I love about ballet and barre.

Enter Project Connect. The transition was pretty seamless. These two formats work very well together and produce amazing results. Pilates is based in a strong core and attention to the breath. However, it is not just a core workout. Pilates requires you to identify and engage your core from the start of the movement. This concept works well with a hybrid situation. Which is why it is not far fetched at all to blend a core based format with a full body format such as ballet/barre. I took a fitness format that is fairly stationary (Pilates mat) and then added dynamic movement to it. This will increase caloric burn and bring other parts of the body into the “toning zone”. It is another format that you can do (almost) anywhere with little props and great results.