Why Men Should take a Project Physique Class

Here’s the thing…I realize anything that has the word yoga in it may make some men fee uneasy. Even in this day and age where yoga has crossed tremendous line in the world and fitness world. Then throw the word (ba)LLET in to it and you’ve pretty much lost them.

Hang on! Give me a minute to pique your interest.

My Magic Bullet

Nutrition is more than just what we put into our bodies. It is also what we put ONTO our bodies (skincare) and what we are taking OUT of our bodies (exercise, stress, and sleep —or lack thereof). There is no one magic bullet to health, unfortunately. However, there is ONE product trendsetters have been screaming from the rooftops to tout. It is the newest ROCK STAR in the product realm in terms of what we put into and also what we put onto our bodies. Not to be a name dropper, but I’m talking ‘bout coconut oil.


Bone Broth -N- Harmony…

Before I became passionate about being my own health advocate, I would basically just do what everyone else was doing. Any trendy diet or product that came out I would blindly try, without as much as a glance as to the why’s/how’s it worked. That’s how I wound up drinking more spicy lemonade with maple syrup than I care to remember. However, as I have been developing my own knowledge of health and nutrition, I have learned to sort through the trendy, faddy claims that promote quick (read: unsustainable) weight loss. Good news—THIS product is NOT one of those. Maybe, you have heard of it before, but bone broth is well, hot, in every way.

Eat Fat, Get Thin.

This may be less shocking to you now than it was even just a year ago, but FAT is your friend. That’s right. I said it. The F-word. For real. If you grew up like me, with a mother who followed jazzercise, in the time of Jane F and leg warmers (so hot again right now, I concede), you were raised to FEAR the F-word. Fat, of any kind, was shunned to the max. And although it is SO incredibly difficult to let go of a childhood belief so ingrained in us, it is imperative we update our thinking to include updated science about our bodies. Our health depends on it. I heart FAT.


What people are saying about Project Physique

Project Physique is a laser focused workout with the perfect blend of toning / strength-building bar and mat exercises and vinyasa flow and effective stretching.

Every minute of this 55 minute class is challenging—and just when a student may entertain the occasional thought of modifying and / or pulling back—the instructor has a way of motivating, inspiring and encouraging students to keep going. Yoga’llet feels like you have your own fitness staff—a personal trainer and a yoga master—all super friendly environment. Oh, and did I mention the music? Hip DJ also on that staff of yours!
—Patti Barrett

Battle of the Baconz

Everyone loves to talk bacon (it’s not just me, right?!). I think because it is just sososososo. damn. good. The primary reason traditional pork bacon has earned itself a bad rep is primarily due to the fat content, and to a lesser extent, because like many other processed and cured meats, it tends to contain nitrites/nitrates. I have addressed the “fat makes us fat” fallacy in another post (here) and I’m hoping we are all just about over that misleading (maybe even dangerous!) opinion that fat is bad for us. However, in terms of nitrates as well as other nutritional values, the question is — does turkey bacon really provide a better alternative?


What is Project Physique?

A fantastic question. Here is the concise answer:

Project Physique is a group fitness project that combines the strength of yoga with the harmony of movement to create a balance between mind and body. It is constantly evolving and always creates a strong physique.


It is a high energy combo of yoga and strength movements that are essential for balancing both mind and body in one efficient and effective class.

Project Physique is REALLY what you want it to be and so much more.

Ch-ch-ch Changes…(NOT one is about food!)

I’m going to apologize in advance for this post. I don’t normally apologize before I even begin (though I am a woman, so it’s not all THAT uncommon) but I really don’t want to sound like your nagging mother, trying to convince you to get your annual pap smear! Also, I realize you have probably heard these tips about eleventy hundred times, maybe this week alone. But consider the following: the reason you hear these same tips over and over again, is because they actually work. Just maybe?? Below, 10 tips for being healthier that have nothing to do with food.



When it comes to my kids, I try to adhere (loosely) to the 80/20 rule. I’m not super strict with it. If they are getting clean, unprocessed foods most of the time, then I’m happy and they, of course can have treats. And I do mean REAL treats like M&M’s, lollipops, and cake – I’m not the devil! And I am not naïve enough to think I could keep “the goods” from them forever. Nor do I want them to grow up not having experienced the deliciousness of these treats at birthday parties, holidays, special occasions—and sometimes, just because. I don’t want them to feel they need to eat these things in secret.