What is a Quick Fit Blast (QFB)?

I wanted a way to bring Project Physique snippets to my students in the privacy of their own home or really anywhere for that matter. Enter the internet and Project Physique’s “Quick Fit Blast” (QFB).

A QFB is a 3-5 minute fitness segment that targets 1-2 areas of the body. It is specifically designed to get down & dirty quick. It is also designed to be done anywhere (think kitchen island) and with minimal to no props. In these QFB segments I will get you set up fast and give you alignment guidelines to help you steer clear of injury. Now you’re ready to MOVE!

For optimal results repeat these segments 2-3 times and link them to other QFB segments.

Now that you’re familiar with a QFB here’s the insiders guide to making one.

I am not a shy person. However, the idea of me and a camera dude shooting fitness segments in my house did create a little anxiety. I teach group fitness which creates its own energy by the people who attend the class. Me and one camera dude does not ooze energy. Until it did.
Trevor Harmon, photo journalist & video tech master, was just the person I needed to capture the “group fitness” instructor in me on camera teaching to no one. Well, not no one Trevor & his camera were there.

Trevor scheduled 3 hours to shoot a total of 7 minutes. YES YOU HEARD ME 7 minutes. Initially, I thought there is no way we are going to need 3 hours. I teach a 55 minute class I do this several times a week. How in the world do we need 180 minutes to shoot 7 minutes?

We start the intro. The intro is a 1 minute segment where I introduce myself and tell you the props you will need for these Quick Fit Blasts (QFB).

Before I start to talk on camera Trevor tells me to count it down for him, take a breath and then begin.
3,2,1….. “Hey my name is……” and just like that I forgot my name. Take 2. I remember my name but call a “Quick Fit Blast” a “Quick Blast”. No good. Start again. Keep in mind Trevor and I are just getting to know each other. We are making small talk and I am trying to relax.

24 minutes later I’ve nailed it! While thrilled that we’ve got a good one that’s all we have. A good 1 minute segment 24 minutes later. Just 6 minutes to go. 3 minutes on camera is a long time. It’s like waiting for water to boil. The good news is that when teaching I speak from certain cues. I always build a pose or movement from the ground up. I start with the sole of your foot and hit target areas along the way up. While this is less ad-lib I never stick to a certain script. So, small errors are made and 50 minutes is definitely needed to shoot a 3 minute segment.
Two down one to go.

The yoga segment is more up and down movement. Trevor decides to use his handheld camera. He’s like a buzzy bee (as my daughter would say) . He’s up and down. Side to side.

I’m holding certain poses for several minutes and what feels like hours. Trevor is a perfectionist. He is getting all the right shots. Close ups of my hand placement and foot placement. Slow shots of how to correctly achieve the pose. I am grateful for his experience and direction. Since it is roughly 2 hours later I am now very comfortable with him. We’ve gone from pleasantries to talking about the cocktails we are going to have once this shoot is over.

Two outfit changes and little over 3 hours later we are done. The first QFBs are in Trevor’s hands to create. I am sweaty not only from the movement, but also the hot lights that have been in my face and at my back. Can’t wait to share the final product with all of you!