We’re different on purpose.


Our approach to fitness does not mean only physical exercise. Fitness is also mindful and emotional. We are dedicated to bringing you the fitness triangle which combines sweat, connection, and clarity. At Project Physique, we are fitness artists expressing ourselves through movement and strength.

Sweat is what Project Physique can provide you with physically. Connection between our sweat and heart is what we bring you emotionally. Clarity to see beyond and break down barriers.

Fitness is the way we live our lives.

It is our goal to constantly evolve. We are based in yoga because the practice of yoga supports our fitness triangle. Yoga is a practice that has survived the test of time. We work from yoga as a base and incorporate other formats to meet the growing needs of modern fitness. We keep our classes balanced, unique, and ever-changing. It’s of the upmost importance to us to research and experiment so we can offer well-rounded classes. We also like to keep you guessing and challenge you to leave your fitness comfort zone. Alignment and adjustments are also taken very seriously: we never want an injury to occur when can be prevented. Every age and ability level are welcome to join our classes. And we work hard to find options for different poses or sequencing, thinking mindfully when offering adjustments.

We believe fitness is for everyone, but not everyone is the same. We strive constantly to offer fitness that crosses lines and breaks down barriers.


Katye Kane Stanzak is the Founder & driving force behind Project Physique.

Katye Kane Stanzak is an E-RYT 300 hour certified Yoga alliance vinyasa instructor, 500 hour Pilates reformer/apparatus instructor, OM school certified kids yoga instructor, ballet barre certified instructor.

NYC is where she started her career, her family and her love of mindful fitness.There is something about bringing individuals together through music, movement & strength that Katye loves & cherishes. The balance of body and mind create a stillness and wellness of her soul. That is what she is passionate about teaching through Project Physique, Project coreRIDE, Project Connect & Project BARREride. All of her class formats blend only the best techniques from her training and certifications.

Katye’s classes are vigorous and fun. With just the right tunes to kick start your “flow”.