Just say “NO.”

I’m actually not referring to drugs, although probably best to stay away from those as well. I’m actually referring to the infamous and potentially dangerous JUICE CLEANSE. Can you tell I’m not a fan??! The thing is, I prefer to chew. And actually, I prefer to not be a total grump-ola all day, because when I don’t eat, that HANGRY thing gets REAL real. But beyond these small concerns, there are bunch of other reasons I believe that just cleaning up your diet can be way more beneficial than a liquid cleanse.

Call me old fashioned, but I believe eating real, whole foods to fuel and energize our bodies is how we function optimally throughout the day. Further, eating healthy foods as part of an overall balanced diet is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. Eating proper portions of fiber rich, high antioxidant foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and also eating lean protein and healthy fat, will give you the results you want for your health and weight for the long term. They will also keep you satisfied and much more able to intuitively maintain proper portions. Extremes like juice cleanses are just so….extreme. Your typical juice cleanse can mean anywhere from 3-7 days of pure fresh juice. In other words, tons of sugar with little to no fiber. Talk about spiking blood sugar continuously! I’m not saying that “cleansing juices” don’t have a place in this world — they are great if they are a part of a healthy, balanced, food-based diet. However, cleanses are just a quick fix, which I know, as a society, we just lurveeee, but ultimately can do a number on our system. 4 main reasons I am not into the juice cleanse craze below:

  • The hungry and grumpy thing. Not fun for anyone around you, not just you.
  • They lead to yo yo dieting, because you’ll probably gain weight (and likely more) immediately following
  • It’s difficult to stick to if family/social/work meals are part of your life
  • You won’t have the energy to exercise
  • Restricting leads to binging/food obsession and can also do a number on your metabolism

Sorry to be so old school, but cleaning up your diet by removing alcohol, sugar, and refined carbohydrates for a week or two (heavens to Betsy!) will do way more good for your body than juicing. If you’d like help getting started, please reach out for a personalized food plan.